Integrated Management of Environment

The Committee of ICIEM program solicits fundamental or applied research papers on the following topics (not exhaustive): 

  1. Clean technology
  2. Marine pollution
  3. Biological and Physicochemical treatment.

  1. Hazard Characterization
  2. Environmental impact assessment
  3. Human health Exposure and Risk Assessment

  1. Water quality and sustainable use
  2. Integrated water resources management
  3. Hydrogeological modelling

  1. Air Pollution Control
  2. Water Pollution Prevention
  3. Soil decontamination

For all themes, we invite papers for oral presentations and poster sessions. Authors should indicate the theme under which they want their papers or posters to be considered.

Presentations on the above topics will be organized in discussion sessions to facilitate the exchange of experience and further enhance discussion among presenters and audiences.

Paper selection is based on full paper peer review following the guidelines provided in the “INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS” document that can be downloaded from the conference website.